Lithography of “Et pust til en stille drøm”

Art by Brian Saaby

Limited Edition

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Expected delivery: 2-3 days

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“Et pust til en stille drøm” is a work of art by Danish artist Brian Saaby that is created in honor of SACKit’s 10th anniversary. Brian Saaby had been given free reins to create a painting that combines Saaby’s universe and SACKit’s designer products. “Et pust til en stille drøm” is the result.

Saaby has chosen to paint a garden party with all of Denmark’s best friends from pop culture attending while surrounded by the coolest SACKit products to create the perfect mood.

200 lithographies have been produced, which are all numbered and signed by Saaby

  • Lithography
  • Only 200 copies
  • Numbered
  • Size: 40 x 70 cm
Signed by Saaby
Only 200 copies

Brian Saaby about the work and the collaboration with SACKit

After being contacted by SACKit and having decided to undertake this challenge, I thought long and hard about what motive and why I should create a piece for exactly SACKit.

After a couple of days of contemplating and research, I discovered many similarities between myself and SACKit. I too have had a dream of living off my passion and creating art that touched people like SACKit, who have had a dream of making a business that delivers top-quality products for peoples’ homes and gardens.

Every time a customer purchases a painting or a bean bag from SACKit, they fan the flames of the little dream we both have had, which is worth celebrating! For without dreams, we don’t live..

So, fan, fan each other and let the dreams live!


A multitude of beautiful details

With gentle strokes of the brush and plenty of paint on the palette, Brian Saaby has created a work of art, which is guaranteed to make you smile every time you gaze upon it. The painting has so many beautiful details that new and peculiar stories will pop up the more you look at it.

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