Nordic Bar Stool - Beech with stitches

Bar Stool in Danish Design

Exclusive cross stitches
Color: Terra Black

Expected delivery: May 8th Expected delivery: 2-3 days

Expected delivery: May 8thExpected delivery: 2-3 days

Expected delivery: May 8thExpected delivery: 2-3 days

Take a seat. Feel the comfort. Let your hands glide over the soft leather and smooth wood. Enjoy the beautiful details. The SACKit Nordic bar stool is much more than just a piece of furniture. It's Danish design that brings exclusive class and the best quality materials to your home. The chair is ideal for the kitchen-dining room or in the bar.

  • Solid beech wood
  • Functional and timeless Danish design
  • Exclusive and traceable leather


            • Solid beech wood lacquered with black lacquer
            • Upholstery: Luna or Terra leather from SPOOR leather
            • Footrest in black lacquered metal
            • Seat: Beech wood veneer

            Product specifications

            • Height: 68 or 73 cm
            • Width: 46 cm
            • Depth: 33.5 cm
            • Weight: approx. 6.5 kg

            The cross-stitching detail must of course match the leather. That's why the Safari and Sandstone chair has light stitching, while the Black and Carbon chair has dark stitching.

            Note: As the bar stool is made from a natural material, each frame will be unique. They will naturally vary in color and wood texture. Knots may occur as a natural part of the wood.

            Care and cleaning

            The frame is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, possibly with a little washing-up liquid. Be careful not to expose the wood to large amounts of water or chemical cleaners, as this can damage the wood.

            Which height should I choose?

            We recommend the bar stool in height 68cm for tables up to 99cm and anything above this we recommend the bar stool with a height 73cm

            Are all bar stools the same?

            No, the chairs are unique as the wood is made of solid beech wood.

            Which leather should I choose?

            The Luna leather is unique and gets a patinated look over time and is soft to the touch. Terra is very uniform in the leather and is easy to maintain.

            How do I clean the bar stool?

            If you have a Luna bar stool, we recommend that you clean it with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. The Terra bar stool has to be cleaned with a damp cloth. It's important not to use cleaning agents as this damages the leather.

            Is there a chair with a backrest?

            No, the bar stool is designed so that you sit comfortably without a backrest

            How is the wood treated?

            The wood is treated with black varnish, so maintenance is super easy

                 We have used leather from SPOOR in this product. The leather is 100% traceable from the cow to the finished product. This means that the leather used in the product you buy can be traced through the entire process from the farm to the factory to your furniture.

                Read more about SPOOR leather here

                Solid wood
                Quality leather
                Danish Design

                Careful craftsmanship

                When you hold the SACKit Nordic bar stool in your hands, you can clearly feel the meticulous craftsmanship. Although the wood is processed on machines, each piece of furniture has been in the hands of a cabinetmaker and finished by hand. The light oak wood is treated with a matte lacquer, which allows the fine structure and light color of the wood to show through. The treatment makes the frame highly resistant to stains and dirt.

                The chair's footrest is made of metal, but is almost a natural extension of the wood. The footrest is mounted without the use of visible screws, so the design maintains the smooth and sleek surfaces. This process is very complicated in terms of craftsmanship, but we have been 100% uncompromising in the design, so you can have a piece of furniture in your home that is both beautiful and functional.

                The right height

                The Nordic bar stool comes in two different heights - 68 and 73 cm.

                The 68 cm bar stool is perfect for standard height islands and kitchen tables that are between 85-95 cm from the floor. The 73 cm bar stool fits all tables above 95 cm, such as high tables or bar tables.

                Traceable quality leather from SPOOR

                The bar stool is upholstered in Nordic traceable leather from SPOOR, which is known for its high quality and traceability, meaning that the leather can be traced back to individual animals, farms and farmers.

                The traceability and documentation behind it is our guarantee that the leather is responsibly sourced and produced all the way from farm to finished leather.

                The traceability of the leather includes information about the leather's origin, farming methods, animal welfare, production processes and climate impact.

                The leather

                The SACKit bar stool is available in two different types of leather: Luna and Terra leather. Choose the leather that suits your life and style.

                Luna leather is tanned without chrome and patinates beautifully and naturally over the years. The patination gives you a chair with a distinctive and unique look. With its velvety soft surface, Luna exudes quality. Choose between the two colors "Carbon" or "Sandstone".

                The Terra leather is tanned without the use of chrome and has a classic and timeless look that remains the same over time. This leather type has an extremely durable surface that is soft and has a natural grain that highlights and emphasizes the naturalness and uniqueness of the leather.

                It's all about the details

                The Nordic bar stool is available with two different types of seat, each of which has great details.

                The fully upholstered model with no seams has leather upholstery all over the seat, creating beautiful soft curves so you can really enjoy the soft natural material.

                The partially upholstered model has an incredibly beautiful stitched edge that shows the wooden surface of the seat, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful wood and its unique texture. On the partial upholstered model, you'll find the characteristic SACKit cross stitching along the edge of the chair - It's all about the details.

                Beautiful beech wood

                The Nordic beech wood bar stool is lacquered with a black lacquer that creates a beautiful finish and makes the bar stool resistant to stains and dirt. You can see the beautiful, natural wood structure through the lacquer.

                Enjoy the smooth, sleek surfaces of the frame with no visible screws.

                Designed by STEFFENSEN & WÜRTZ

                With a wholehearted approach to design, the Danish design duo Thomas Steffensen and Pia Würtz work to create distinctive, functional, and durable designs that are worth preserving for generations. The Danish design traditions shine through in the product, where the elegant stature is created with careful attention to quality - all in a way that makes sense both aesthetically and functionally.

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