Patio Accessory Stand - Ø22 + Wine Bucket w/ Accessories

Indoor/outdoor Accessory Stand with wine cooler and accessories

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Expected delivery: 2-3 days

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SACKit Outdoor Accessory Stand is an outdoor stand in powder-coated stainless steel that matches our series of outdoor products. The stand is created in a simple design and functions as a natural extension of both SACKit lamps and our wine bucket, which can all be placed in the stand.

Struggling to keep your ice cubes and drinks cold for your big parties? SACKit Wine Bucket is the solution! The wine cooler can hold an impressive 4 bottles of wine or 9 liters of ice. Yes, you read that right – 9 LITERS OF ICE! You’ll never run out of cold drinks! Wine Bucket is isolated and can therefore keep your drinks or ice cubes cold for a whole day without condensation on the outside – we already tested it.

Mix and match SACKit’s outdoor series for your style and your outdoor area

  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Durable materials
  • Multi-functional design
  • Danish design

Patio Accessory Stand - Ø22


  • Black powder-coated stainless steel


  • Dimensions: Ø27 x 38cm


Wine Bucket


  • Stainless Steel


  • Dimensions (ØxH): 27 x 23 cm. Bottom: Ø22 cm
  • Volume: 9L

Patio Accessory Stand - Ø22 FAQ

Which products fits in the stand?

The Patio Accessory Stand can be combined with a large selection of our outdoor accessories. Mix and match the stand with Light 150.

Can the stand stay outside all year round?

The Accessory stand is made in powder-coated stainless steel and can therefore stay outside all year round.


Wine Bucket FAQ

Can I bring the wine cooler outside?

Yes, the wine cooler is part of the SACKit Outdoor Series and is made in materials that can easily withstand being used outside.

Does the SACKit wine cooler go well with other SACKit products?

The SACKit wine cooler can be used by itself or combined with the Patio Accessory Stand – Ø22.

Can I use the wine cooler as an ice bucket?

Yes, the wine cooler collects water at the bottom, and with the included ice tong it works perfectly as an ice bucket.

How many bottles can the wine cooler hold?

There’s space for about 4-5 bottles of wine in the wine cooler, depending on their size.

In- and outdoor
Durable materials

Mix & match

SACKit’s outdoor series, consisting of furniture and accessories, makes it possible to mix and match, allowing yourself to create your own personal outdoor area, and make it a homely, cozy and ambient area. Patio Accessory Stand elevates your SACKit lamp or wine bucket and brings your outdoor area to a new level of aesthetic.

Combine with a SACKit Wine Bucket

Who doesn’t dream of a warm summer evening on the terrace with a cold bottle of white wine? We certainly do! When combining a SACKit Wine Bucket with this stand, you get a stylish wine cooler that doesn’t take up space on the table – smart.

Wine Bucket Accessories

Broaden the uses of your SACKit Wine Cooler by buying the add-on accessory pack, which contains a lid, a hook, a spoon, and a grate. If you want to use the SACKit Wine Bucket as an ice bucket, the lid, the spoon, and the grate are must-have helpers. The lid keeps your ice keeps cold for longer, while the spoon makes it easy to scoop up ice cubes. Finally, the grate collects the melted water at the bottom of the cooler and prevents you from accidentally scooping up a spoonful of water instead of ice cubes. The hook makes it easier than ever to always have a cloth or rag at hand.

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