Patio Serving Table w/ Patio Serving Tray

Serving table for indoor and outdoor use

Indoor and outdoor Bundle: -20%
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Expected delivery: Week 31 Expected delivery: 2-3 days

Expected delivery: Week 31Expected delivery: 2-3 days

Expected delivery: Week 31Expected delivery: 2-3 days

SACKit Patio Serving Table is the perfect outdoor tray table in a gorgeous Danish design. The exclusive outdoor table is easy to move and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. With the gorgeous tray table by your side, you always have a place to put down your drink, your coffee cup, or your smartphone, while you’re enjoying the sun in your SACKit lounge area. Use the table by itself or with one of the gorgeous trays from SACKit to create the exact look you desire.

Patio Serving Tray is a multi-functional serving tray for outdoor and indoor use in wood and beautiful danish design. The solid wood and the Nordic look gives the tray a classic design that matches any modern home perfectly. Bring the tray with you anywhere – to the living room, bed, patio, garden or create a tray table by combining the tray with one of our poufs.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Can stand ourside all year round
  • Functional design
  • Same look and quality as an indoor table

Patio Serving Table


  • Stainless Steel

Product Specifications

  • Made with curved steel rods and steel plates
  • Powder-coated matte surface
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Dimensions: H: 590mm x W: 550mm x D: 520mm

Patio Serving Tray


  • Teak wood
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame

Product Specifikations

  • Clean with a moist cloth
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Dimensions: H: 5.2 cm x D: 51 cm

ATT: All trays will be unique and can vary in color since the product is made of real wood.


Table: 5 years
Tray: 2 years

Can Patio Serving Tray tolerate being outside?

Yes, but remember it's made of wood, so we recommend wood treatment/oil (follow the steps for the chosen oil) and that it's brought in after use

Does Patio Serving Tray fit with other SACKit products?

Patio Serving Tray is designed to fit all SACKit poufs and the Serving Table

Can the Patio Serving Tray be used for food?

Yes, you can use it for food with no worries.

How do you maintain Patio Serving Tray?

We recommend that you occasionally give the plate oil, just as you would with table tops and wooden garden furniture.

Will the tray rust?

No, you don't need to worry about that with Patio Serving Tray. Aluminum itself does not rust. It will not get the red/brown rust color that untreated steel can get; instead, it is oxidized to a cloudy and white powdery surface over a long period of time under adverse conditions. To protect against this oxidation, we use high quality aluminum and powder coating. The coating of the aluminum further acts as a protective layer against corrosion and creates a beautiful finish on the aluminum.

    Functional design
    Danish Design

    Serve In Style

    Are you hosting a summer party and need the perfect place for serving drinks for your guests? Or did you invite your friends over for tapas and wine? SACKit Patio Serving Table is the answer. With this exclusive tray table, your refreshments are elevated to new heights. Afternoon coffee on the patio or a platter with tapas under the open sky – Patio Serving Table welcomes it all!


    SACKit Patio Serving Table’s uses are only limited by your imagination. Combine the outdoor serving table with one of the gorgeous SACKit serving trays, which are designed to fit perfectly on SACKit Patio Serving Table, to create the perfect look for your home and style. With a SACKit Serving Tray you can plate the food directly on the tray and then place the tray on Patio Serving Table – It doesn’t get any easier treating your guests to delicious refreshments under the open sky.

    A Durable Outdoor Table

    We didn’t just choose the black, powder-coated steel for its exclusive look and feel. It also makes the table very durable against wind and weather. Therefore, you can leave the table outside all year round without worries – easy!

    A beautiful and vibrant look

    The natural appearance of teak wood creates a beautiful and vibrant look that changes over time. The color of the wood gradually changes to a beautiful greyish patina after exposure to sun and weather.

    If you prefer the original warm and golden color of the wood, you can treat your teak furniture with teak oil, which both protects the wood from harmful elements and restores the beautiful, warm color.

    Whether you choose to let your teak furniture develop its natural patina or choose to oil it, teak is extremely durable and can withstand being left outside all year round.

    Designed by STEFFENSEN & WÜRTZ

    With a wholehearted approach to design, the Danish design duo Thomas Steffensen and Pia Würtz work to create distinctive, functional, and durable designs that are worth preserving for generations. The Danish design traditions shine through in the product, where the elegant stature is created with careful attention to quality - all in a way that makes sense both aesthetically and functionally.

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