Patio Storage Table

Lounge module – Outdoor Table with Storage

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SACKit Patio Storage Table is the ultimate side- and sofa table with built-in storage. The table is a module in the SACKit Lounge series, so it fits perfectly into any setup of your SACKit sofa. The possible ways to combine SACKit Storage Table and SACKit Lounge Sofa are only limited by your imagination.

  • Side table – between two Lounge Sofa modules
  • Side table – on the side of a Lounge Sofa layout
  • Sofa table
  • Storage


  • Aluminum and teak
  • Black powder-coating


  • Dimensions: 95 x 65 x 37 cm (L x W x H)
  • Volume: 0,163m3 or 163L
  • Weight: 22,4 kg 

ATT: All tables will be unique, and the color varies from product to product, due to the table being authentic wood.

Can the table stay outside all year round?

Teak wood has a high level of natural resin, which protects the wood. Therefore, the side table can stay outside all year round. But if you do want to ensure your teak wood an extra-long life, we recommend storing it somewhere sheltered or protecting it with our cover.

Does the teak wood need to be treated?

Teak wood can last for many years without treatment but will without it become grey over time. If you want to avoid the grey color, you need to oil it regularly.

Can the table be connected to the Cobana Lounge Sofa?

Yes, the table is a module for the Cobana Lounge Sofa and can be connected to your sofa, just like the other modules.

Is the Patio Storage Table waterproof?

No, the Patio Storage Table is not waterproof. However, the table has drainage holes to ensure that any water can drain out of the box.

At SACKit, we're certain you'll be happy with your SACKit products. In fact, we're so confident you'll love them that, in the unlikely event you're not satisfied, we offer a full refund on your purchase for a whole 30 days after you've received the item. This even applies if you've used the product. Read more about our return T&Cs here .

Danish Design
Multifunctional design

Multi-functional sofa- or side table with storage

The possible uses for SACKit Patio Storage Table is only limited by your imagination. The table is designed to easily click onto and off our Lounge Sofa modules. This means that you can easily create the sofa with a side- or sofa table that fits perfectly in your garden. Below, we’re giving you a couple of our suggestions for how to use SACKit Patio Storage Table.

Side table – between two Lounge Sofa modules

This layout is an inventive way to set up a lounge are. By placing the SACKit Patio Storage Table between two sofa modules, you’re creating a side table that can be used by two people at once. This layout is especially great if you want to enjoy some snacks and a cup of coffee over a nice chat.

Side table – on the side of a Lounge Sofa layout

Do you desire a more united sofa where you can really relax and enjoy the good weather with your family and friends, but also care about the aesthetic expression? Then you can use SACKit Storage Table as a side table and style it with all your favorite outdoor accessories from SACKit.

Sofa table

You can also use the SACKit Patio Storage Table as a traditional sofa table to create a focal point for your lounge area and gather the whole family around the Patio Storage Table in a SACKit Lounge sofa and a couple of bean bag chairs from SACKit. Fill the table with delicious snacks for all ages and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Durable high-quality materials

Just like the rest of the SACKit Outdoor Series, Patio Storage Table is made of durable high-quality materials that are resistant to wind and weather. Therefore, the table can - like the rest of the SACKit Outdoor Series – stay outside year-round so you avoid the hassle of having to move your garden furniture back and forth whenever the seasons change.

German Design Award

With Cobana Lounge Sofa you get a well-thought-out, sleek Danish design that will last for years, both in terms of style and functionality. We're proud to be able to say that Cobana Lounge Sofa has been awarded a German Design Award - Special mention in its category of Excellent Product Design Lifestyle & Fashion. The German Design Award is an internationally renowned accolade bestowed by the German Design Council. Their goal is to discover, present and award unique design trends.

A beautiful and vibrant look

The natural appearance of teak wood creates a beautiful and vibrant look that changes over time. The color of the wood gradually changes to a beautiful greyish patina after exposure to sun and weather.

If you prefer the original warm and golden color of the wood, you can treat your teak furniture with teak oil, which both protects the wood from harmful elements and restores the beautiful, warm color.

Whether you choose to let your teak furniture develop its natural patina or choose to oil it, teak is extremely durable and can withstand being left outside all year round.

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