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The Wine Bucket Accessories are indispensable if you want to get the most out of your ice- and wine cooler. All the accessories are designed with gorgeous geometrical shapes and sleek stainless steel.

The accessory pack contains a lid, hook, spoon, and grate that all extend the cooling time significantly and makes it easier to handle the contents of the ice- and wine cooler.

  • Extends the cooling time
  • Easy handling of ice cubes
  • Stainless steel


  • Stainless Steel

    Can I bring the wine cooler outside?

    Yes, the wine cooler is part of the SACKit Outdoor Series and is made in materials that can easily withstand being used outside.

    Does the SACKit wine cooler go well with other SACKit products?

    The SACKit wine cooler can be used by itself or combined with the Patio Accessory Stand – Ø22.

    Can I use the wine cooler as an ice bucket?

    Yes, the wine cooler collects water at the bottom, and with the included ice tong it works perfectly as an ice bucket.

    How many bottles can the wine cooler hold?

    There’s space for about 4-5 bottles of wine in the wine cooler, depending on their size.

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    Stainless steel
    In- and outdoor
    Danish Design

    Extend the cooling time

    SACKit Wine Bucket is already double-layer isolated and can therefore stay cold for very long. But with the lid, which is included in Wine Bucket Accessories, you can extend the cooling time significantly. The lid keeps the cold inside the ice- and wine cooler. The lid is also very smartly designed so it can hang off the edge of the wine cooler, whenever it isn’t in use. Therefore, the lid will never take up table space or get misplaced.

    The included grate will work perfectly as a water collector, so any melted water separates from the ice cubes. This way, you avoid getting a spoonful of water whenever you’re fishing out ice cubes.

    Everything you need at hand

    All the Wine Bucket Accessories are designed to hang off the edge of the wine cooler. Therefore, you’ll always have all the necessary tools at hand. The spoon is, like the rest of the accessories, designed with beautiful geometrical shapes and sleek stainless steel, and is perfect for fishing up ice cubes. With an engraved SACKit logo and the iconic SACKit X, it will be a gorgeous detail on the edge of the wine cooler whenever it isn’t in use.

    The included hook, which also has the iconic SACKit X, can also hang on the side of the wine cooler, allowing you to use it for whatever you need, for example hanging a dishtowel or bottle opener on the wine cooler for easy access.

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