Headphones for Fitness/Strength Training

Headphones for working out should be light, not too warm, fit well, and have good autonomy. While strength training it’s essential that you have headphones that doesn’t bother you while working out or overheat. Therefore, you should choose an in-ear model or an on-ear model.


With our ROCKit X True wireless earbuds you get headphones that are light, sits comfortably in the ear, and has both Active Noise Cancellation and Voice Through function. This means that you can shut out the noise from the gym but activate the Voice Through function if you need to talk to your workout partner or simply listen to what’s happening around you.

The touch controls on ROCKit makes it so you don’t have to take your phone if you want to change song, turn the volume up or down, or answer an incoming call. It’s all taken care of on the headphones.

ROCKit X is IPX4 water resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about sweat on the earbuds while working out.

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WOOFit Headphones

Are you more into on-hear headphones, we recommend our WOOFit Headphones for the gym. These headphones are designed in super light-weight materials, and are therefore the perfect fit for working out or running.

WOOFit Headphones is an on-ear model, meaning they don’t get too warm to wear during your workout.

Let yourself focus on your training and turn on Active Noise Cancellation, shutting out the noise of your environment.

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