Cura Lounge Chair & Pouf

Exclusive and sustainable lounge bean bag chair with pouf

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Color: Cura Dark Blue
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Cura Lounge Chair is the sustainable choice. The Cura Lounge Chair is made of Cura fabric from the Danish manufacturer Gabriel. The Cura fabric is a multifunctional fabric which, apart from having a soft touch and astounding colors, have been manufactured using 98% recycled polyester. The perfect bean bag chair with backrest for the ones who love Danish design combined with many different application possibilities, for example, as an environmentally friendly armchair.

  • Sustainable
  • A design that holds its shape
  • Durable
  • Hand-sewn stitches


            • Cura fabric: 98% recycled polyester, 100% recyclable polyester
            • Filling: 50% foam & 50% EPS beads (100% non-toxic)
            • Linen stitches

            Product specifications

            • Dimensions:
              • 96 x 80 x 70 cm (Length x Width x Height)
              • Seat height: 40 cm
              • Seat depth: 55 cm
            • Dimensions - Pouf:
              • 50 x 35 cm (Diameter x Height)
            • Test result/Durability: 100,000 Martindales
            • Fabric: Oeko-Tex, 100% free of heavy metals

            Note: The handle at the back of the chair is only a decorative detail and should not be used when you move the chair. We recommend that you grab the whole chair when you want to move it. Violently pulling the handle on the back of the chair can cause damages to the fabric.


            We recommend cleaning the beanbag chair and pouf with our Textile Cleaner. Even though the cover can be detached, we do not recommend that you wash it as the hand-sewn stitches along the chair's edge can get damaged by being washed in a machine.

            What is the seat height of the Cura Lounge Chair?

            It's 40cm in height.

            Can you use the handle on the Cura Lounge Chair?

            No, it's for decorative purposes.

            What is the difference between your beanbag chairs?

            Our beanbag chairs have two types of filling.

            • Dunes, Cura & Medley have a mix of foam and EPS balls.
            • Cobana Beanbag, Cobana and Canvas are filled with EPS balls.


            • The Cobana chair is made to stand outside and the Canvas is the indoor version.
            • Cura is our sustainable beanbag chair, which is made of 98% recycled polyester.
            • Dunes is our beanbag chair made of luxurious leather from Sørensen leather.
            • Medley is made of a soft wear strong fabric of high quality.

            Can it be brought outside?

            No, Cura is not suitable for outdoor use - choose Cobana instead

            Is the filling in Cura Lounge Chair non-toxic?

            Yes, all of our filling is 100% non-toxic!

            Can I wash the cover on the chair?

            Yes, but not in the washing machine. We recommend cleaning the beanbag chair and pouf with our Textile Cleaner.

            How do I clean my beanbag chair?

            We recommend cleaning the beanbag chair and pouf with our Textile Cleaner.

            Do your trays fit the pouf?

            Yes, all our trays fit on our poufs so you can freely choose.

            Is the filling in the pouf non-toxic?

            Yes, all our filling is 100% non-toxic!

            Can you buy extra filling?

            Yes, you can. You can easily fill it with extra balls here.

            REFILLit: what goes with it? 100L or 350L

            It depends a lot on how much filling your beanbag chair is missing. For reference, there is 350L in a new stuffed beanbag chair.

                  At SACKit, we're certain you'll be happy with your SACKit products. In fact, we're so confident you'll love them that, in the unlikely event you're not satisfied, we offer a full refund on your purchase for a whole 30 days after you've received the item. This even applies if you've used the product. Read more about our return T&Cs here .

                  Sustainable choice
                  Functional design

                  Functional design

                  Forget about shapeless bean bag chairs that lie forgotten on the floor, creating a mess! The Cura bean bag chair is in a thorough Danish design that looks beautiful and is also amazingly comfortable to sit on – it also holds its shape. Shape and function combined into one product!

                  Dare yourself to care

                  Cura is made of sustainable fabric from the Danish manufacturer Gabriel. Gabriel is 100% carbon neutral. The Cura fabric is a multifunctional fabric which, in addition to having a soft touch and amazing colors, is STANDARD 100 OEKO-tex certified and made from as much as 98% recycled polyester in the shape of plastic bottles. Approximately 23 bottles (of 2 liters) are used to make a Cura bean bag chair.

                  A design that holds its shape

                  The Cura bean bag chair has been internally assembled of two individual inner bags separated by a "wall" of Velcro. When you sit down on the chair, the two internal parts will press against each other, resulting in optimal support and comfort for the back. Smart!


                  With Cura Lounge Chair, and our general product range, there is a great focus on quality and durability as we wish to inspire more people to focus on the environment through, among others, choosing long-lasting quality products. The Cura bean bag chair is made to be used (again and again). The bean bag chair can be used by both adults and children and will quickly become the family's favorite spot to sit. That is why it has been manufactured using materials of the highest quality that last for years; durable fabric, a YKK zipper, and non-toxic filling. Sit down, enjoy life, and relax!

                  Hand-sewn stitches

                  The beautiful, hand-sewn cross-stitches along the edge make every product unique. The thread is made of durable linen which gives the design edge and a raw look. That is part of the SACKit DNA!


                  Combine the Cura bean bag with a matching pouf for extra support for your feet, an extra seat, or use the pouf as a small tray table with a Serving Tray.

                  Leftover foam and recyclable EPS beads

                  Cura Lounge Chair is filled with 50% foam and 50% EPS beads. The foam is leftover foam from the manufacturing processes of our supplier BPI. BPI is a company that works purposefully to reduce their environmental impact through manufacturing, use, and disposal.EPS beads are 100% recyclable, made of 98% air and have a relatively weak environmental footprint, as the manufacturing process mainly uses hot water vapor. The surplus heat is recycled in the manufacturing or heating of the factory.

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