Headphones for Running

Many people claim that music improves performance. We don’t pretend to know if that’s true or not, but music can make the run more manageable and, if nothing else, drown out the sound of heavy breathing which reveals just how bad a shape you’re in. There are two options when choosing headphones for running. Either you can choose an on-ear model or an in-ear model. Both kinds are good for running.


Do you prefer an in-ear model, and are you looking for a pair of good headphones that will sit comfortably in your ears during your run? Then our ROCKit earbuds are a good option.

ROCKit are IPX5 waterproof, which means that you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain on your run.

Furthermore, the headphones are made in an ergonomic design, which ensures that they won’t fall out of the ear. ROCKit is placed in the ear by turning them into the ear where a small curve in the design prevents ROCKit from falling out.

The touch controls on ROCKit makes it so you don’t have to take your phone if you want to change song, turn the volume up or down, or answer an incoming call. It’s all taken care of on the headphones.

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The TOUCHit S headphones are made in a sleek danish design with light materials, which makes the headphones comfortable to wear, also while running. These headphones are of the on-ear type, which prevents them from becoming too warm to wear while running.

Let yourself focus on your training and turn on Active Noise Cancellation, shutting out the noise of your environment. The TOUCHit S headphones have uniquely designed earpads that enhances both the comfort and sound quality, making it sublime.

On the headphones you get two built-in rings on each earpad. The special design ensures that you get more sound and the people around you get less. So you get a pair of on-ear headphones that fit tightly on the ear without pressing the ear or being uncomfortable.

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