Chair no. One S2

Indoor dining chair

Color: TERRA Safari

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Chair no. One. is a dining chair with an uncompromising design made from carefully selected materials with a focus on sustainability and quality. The frame is made from powder-coated recycled steel, while the seat is made from recycled plastic and upholstered in the highest quality SPOOR leather.

  • Developed with a focus on sustainability
  • High level of comfort
  • Nordic traceable leather from SPOOR
  • Recycled materials
  • Made in Europe


  • W58 x D56 x H84,5 cm
  • Seat height: 45 cm
  • Weight: 9 kg


    • Upholstery: SPOOR læder
    • Inner Shell: Recycled plastic
    • Frame: Powder coated steel

    Can Chair no. One be cleaned?

    Chair no. One is made in the finest SPOOR leather, Terra or Luna. Terra and Luna leather require different cleaning methods:


    Use a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a recommended leather soap and water solution. Gently wipe the surface of the chair with the damp cloth and remove any stains or dirt. Then wipe the leather with a clean, dry cloth for polishing.


    This leather quality is open and will patinate naturally over time. If necessary, use a clean, hard-wrung cloth to wipe off any stains.

    NOTE: It is always a good idea to test the cleaning method on a small, invisible area of the chair before applying it to the visible leather surface.

    Read more information about treating SPOOR leather at

    Can Chair no. One be stacked?

    Chair no. One S1 is stackable as the legs can easily get around the shape of the shell.

    Chair no. One S2 is not stackable. 

    Does the leather patinate?

    Yes, it does. The leather patinates over time with use and touch. This gives the chair a natural patina that adds depth and character to the chair. The patination is also a sign of the SPOOR leather's authenticity.

     We have used leather from SPOOR in this product. The leather is 100% traceable from the cow to the finished product. This means that the leather used in the product you buy can be traced through the entire process from the farm to the factory to your dining chair.

    Read more about SPOOR leather here

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    SPOOR Leather
    Great comfort
    Recycled materials

    Responsible design

    Chair no. One is designed with sustainability in mind. Behind the chair's uncompromising design, the shells are made of recycled plastic sourced from industrial waste. Additionally, the chair's frame is made from recycled steel or recyclable aluminum (swivel base), as well as upholstered in Nordic traceable leather from SPOOR. If you choose the Luna leather upholstery, this variant is tanned without the use of chrome, which reduces the environmental impact.

    Chair no. One is produced in Europe, which contributes to a responsibly produced product.

    Traceable, high-quality leather from SPOOR

    Chair no. One is upholstered with Nordic traceable leather from SPOOR, which is known for its high quality and traceability, meaning that the leather can be traced back to the individual animal, farm, and farmer.

    The traceability and underlying documentation are our guarantees that the leather is sourced and produced responsibly all the way from the farm to the finished leather.

    The traceability of the leather includes information about the leather's origin, farming methods, animal welfare, production processes, and environmental impact.

    Ergonomic comfort

    Chair no. One is designed with comfort and the body's natural position in mind. The soft shapes of the shell, the slight slope of the front and the flexible backrest combine to create a chair with ergonomic comfort.

    No. One

    Chair no. One has been 3 years in the making - 3 years of careful fine-tuning, development, and commitment to creating a chair where every detail has been carefully considered. The result is an uncompromising design of the highest quality.

    The Leather

    Chair no. One is available in two different leather types, Terra and Luna, from the Danish manufacturer SPOOR. Choose the leather that best suits you and your personal style.

    Luna leather is tanned entirely without chrome and develops a beautiful, natural patina over the years. The patination gives you a chair with a distinctive and unique look. With its velvety soft surface, Luna exudes quality.

    Terra leather has a classic and timeless look that remains the same over time. This leather type has an extremely durable surface with a soft, natural grain that highlights and emphasizes the leather's inherent naturalness and uniqueness. This leather type is resistant and easy to maintain.

    A complete dining table set

    Chair no. One is the ideal partner for the characteristic Edge Dining Table. When combined, they create a harmonious and elegant dining arrangement. The timeless design of the chair and the unique shape and structure of the table create a stylish statement in the home and a welcoming atmosphere for family and guests.

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