Multifunctional clock radio with DAB+

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Expected delivery: 2-3 days

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WAKEit is an elegant all-in-one solution for the bedroom, kitchen, or office, designed to give you the best start of the day. The clock radio is equipped with the latest DAB+ technology, alarm function, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, digital display with adjustable brightness and a wake-up light.

  • DAB+ technology
  • FM radio
  • Alarm function
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Wireless charger
  • Digital display with adjustable brightness
  • Wake-up light


    • Polymer
    • Soft touch Silicone

    Product specifications

    • Digital Clock Radio
    • DAB+/FM-radio
    • Bluetooth Speaker
    • Wake-up light
    • Qi certified wireless charger, 10W
    • Digital display with adjustable brightness which can be turned off completely
    • Fabric from KVADRAT
    • Measurements: 150x95x150 mm
    • Weight: 700 g
    • WAKEit does not contain a battery and must therefore be connected to power

      Compatibility – wireless charger

      • Compatible with all Qi activated devices
      • Compatible with iPhone 8 and newer iPhones
      • Compatible with Android devices that support wireless charging
      • Compatible with Airpods Pro and Airpods with a wireless charging case
      • Compatible with ROCKit, ROCKit X and WOOFit Go XQ
      • Apple Watch CANNOT be charged on WAKEit.

      Box content

      • WAKEit
      • Adapter (3 different connectors: European, British and Australian)

      User manual

      Can WAKEit get me up in the morning?

      Yes - and in a comfortable way! You can set it to wake you up with both light and sounds, so you get a perfect start to the day.

      How do I set the time and date on WAKEit?

      It sets itself completely automatically using the DAB+ signal. You don't have to do anything!

      How do I tune channels on WAKEit?

      You set your WAKEit to either DAB+ or FM, then press auto scan and it will find all radio channels itself.

      Does the antenna need to be up when I'm using WAKEit?

      If you have a good signal then it's not necessary to have the antenna up.

      Can I wake up to my favorite channel?

      Yes, you can easily choose which radio channel you want to wake up to.

      Will I be bothered by the light from the display all night?

      No, we've made sure you won't. It's possible to set the display with 3 different light levels.

      What is the difference between WAKEit and WAKEit S?

      WAKEit has DAB+ radio and WAKEit S does not. WAKEit S has FM radio.

      User manual

      Wireless Charger
      DAB+/FM radio

      Start your day with your favorite tunes

      With WAKEit you get both FM-radio and DAB+, so you can wake up to your favorite radio channel in the highest sound quality every morning. You can also choose to wake up to one of WAKEit’s 3 nature sounds. Choose between woodland birds chirping, foaming waves, and exotic jungle noises. You can, of course, also choose classic alarm tunes.

      Wireless charger

      Gone are the days of ugly cables in the bedroom – WAKEit has an integrated wireless 10W charger on the top surface that makes it easy and effective to charge your phone. Place your device on the X and start your day with a fully charged battery. It doesn’t get easier than this!

      Wake-up light

      WAKEit wakes you gradually with a soft and natural light inspired by a sunrise accompanied by music or idyllic nature sounds. The gradual wakening will feel gentler than a normal alarm clock, so you’ll feel rested and less stressed in the morning.

      Bluetooth speaker

      Additionally, the multifunctional clock radio also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Connect your phone, computer or tablet and stream your favorite songs easily and wirelessly.

      Danish design

      WAKEit is designed in a sleek and timeless style with clean lines and high-quality materials. The clock radio is covered with Fiord fabric from the Danish manufacturer KVADRAT. The construction of the fabric combines mélange with single-color yarn, creating a unique play of color on the surface of the fabric.

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