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Corner module for outdoor Lounge Sofa

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Color: Cobana Brown
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Expected delivery: 7-10 business days Expected delivery: 2-3 days

Expected delivery: 7-10 business daysExpected delivery: 2-3 days

Expected delivery: 7-10 business daysExpected delivery: 2-3 days

Create an outdoor space with our Cobana Lounge Sofa that will become the center of memorable moments with family and friends.  The sofa is modular so you can customize it to your outdoor area and your needs. Combine the modules or leave them unconnected side by side so you easily and quickly can move them around when the need arises. The modules weigh next to nothing and are easy to move.

  • Stable
  • Stainless Aluminium
  • Durable materials
  • Water- and dirt repellent
  • Light fast 7-8
  • Eco-certified textile


  • Powder-coated aluminium frame
  • Waterproof and light fast Olefin textile
  • Quick Dry Foam
  • Eco-certified textile

Product specifications

  • Size: 95 x 95 x 68 cm (W x D x H)
  • Seat height: 40 cm
  • Seat depth: 76 cm

User manual Cobana Lounge Sofa

Can Cobana Lounge Sofa handle water?

Yes, it can. The fabric is made with the 100% synthetic Olefin material, which can’t become moldy when moist. The Quick Dry Foam in the sofa ensures that it dries fast again.

The loose Cobana Cushions, however, should be brought inside when raining.

Can Cobana Lounge Sofa stay outside all year round?

Yes, it can. We do, however, recommend bringing the loose Cobana Cushions inside when raining.

Will Cobana Lounge Sofa fade in the sun?

No, it won’t. Our Cobana Lounge Sofa is made with olefin fabric, which doesn’t fade in the sun.

What’s Cobana Lounge Sofa’s sitting height and depth?

The sitting height is 40 cm, and the depth is 50 cm.

Can Cobana Lounge Sofa rot?

No, it can’t. No living organisms can survive in the fabric of our Cobana series.

How do I clean the Cobana Lounge Sofa?

We recommend cleaning the Cobana Lounge Sofa with our Textile Cleaner.

How are the modules put together?

Modules are locked together with locking bars and breaks placed on the modules. When you push the modules together the two parts will click together and lock.

User manual Cobana Lounge Sofa

Water repellent

Create Your Own Cozy Outdoor Nook

The Cobana Lounge Sofa is modular so you can decide how big you want it, and what shape you want it to have. This means that even if you have a smaller outdoor area, you still have space for an outdoor Cobana Sofa. If you one day gets more space, you can always buy new modules and expand your cozy outdoor nook.

Durable In All Weather

There’s no reason to fear how the weather will affect your Cobana Sofa. The durable materials can handle all kinds of weather and wind. Therefore it can be left outside all year round, so you don’t have to struggle with moving back and forth when the seasons change. The sofa is waterproof and dirtproof and doesn’t rust. The Cobana fabric is made with 100% synthetic Olefin, which prevents it from molding in moist environments. The Quick Dry Foam in the sofa ensures that it dries fast again. You don’t even have to worry about the sun. The Cobana sofa gets top grades on the lightfastness scale, which ensures that it won’t be affected by sunlight and that the color won’t fade.

The New Gathering Place

Nothing is better than relaxing on the couch with those we love. It’s here that we enjoy cozy times with family and friends. Bring the relaxation outside and create an outdoor space and a new gathering place with the Cobana Sofa. Gather family and friends on sunny summer days, enjoy a quiet evening under the stars, or cozy up with a blanket and a warm cup of coffee in the autumn. You can keep your Cobana Sofa outside in all kinds of weather – all year round.

Simple Danish Design

It’s the Cobana Sofa’s design, functionality, and comfort that makes it special. The sofa’s simple, yet exclusive, lounge design allows it to fit any style of interior, garden, and home. The stable design gives the sofa the perfect depth, height and comfort when you’re sitting – or lying – in it. The sofa is available in four classic colors and fits perfectly with SACKit’s other outdoor furniture from the Cobana-series.

German Design Award

With Cobana Lounge Sofa you get a well-thought-out, sleek Danish design that will last for years, both in terms of style and functionality. We're proud to be able to say that Cobana Lounge Sofa has been awarded a German Design Award - Special mention in its category of Excellent Product Design Lifestyle & Fashion. The German Design Award is an internationally renowned accolade bestowed by the German Design Council. Their goal is to discover, present and award unique design trends.

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